Identifying Value Drivers in Organic Food Supply Chains

Samir Mili, Imen Arfa


Appropriate value creation processes play a key role in the success of organic food supply chains in terms of
effective response to consumer requirements and sustainability goals. In this study, we explore key drivers for
value creation in the organic food industry, taking the Spanish organic olive supply chain as a representative
case study. A business model survey was conducted with the participation of a highly qualified panel of experts
to provide innovative options for value generation in the organic olive oil industry. Elicited expert judgements
relate to the identification of the potential sources of adding value along the supply chain as a whole and
among its different actors, as well as the factors that influence positively and negatively the adding-value
formation. Findings contribute new ideas and pathways to develop innovative, effective and sustainable
business models capable to generate value for companies, customers and the society as a whole. Results can
be readily applied in real-world case studies to improve existing company business models.

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