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Proceedings in System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks 2013

Table of Contents

Proceedings in System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks 2013 PDF
Ursula Rickert, Gerhard Schiefer I - IV


The Use of Social Media within the Austrian Supply Chain for Food and Beverages PDF
Oliver Meixner, Rainer Haas, Helmut Moosbrugger, Philipp Magdits 1 - 13
Corporate Social Communication and Corporate Social Performance PDF
Gerrit Willem Ziggers 14 - 24
Corporate Social Responsibility in the German Pork Industry: Relevance and Determinants PDF
Sarah Heinen, Monika Hartmann 25 - 46
Identifying Expectations for Innovations in Management Practices in Dairy Sector by Using Q Methodology PDF
Terhi Latvala, Serena Mandolesi, Phillipa Nicholas, Raffaele Zanoli 47 58
Does the Sustainability of Food Products Influence Consumer Choices? The Case of Italy PDF
Alessandro Banterle, Elena Claire Ricci 59 - 69
The Market for Animal-Source Foods in Uganda: Looking Beyond Quantity: Rapid Apprasial of Consumer Preferences for Retail Outlets, Retail Forms and Safety and Quality Attributes PDF
Derek Baker, Nadhem Mtimet, Ugo Pica-Ciamarra, John Jagwe 70 - 95
Valuing Information on GM Foods in the Presence of Country-of-Origin Labels PDF
Jing Xie, Hyeyoung Kim, Lisa House 96 - 109
The Role of Sensory Profile in the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Consumers Choice PDF
Gianni Cicia, Francesco Caracciolo, C. Cavallo, Teresa Del Giudice, G. Sannino, Fabio Verneau 110 - 126
Network Competence and Open Innovation Behaviour in the Food Sector: An Empirical Investigation PDF
Virginie M. Lefebvre, Adrienn Molnár, Bianka Kühne, Xavier Gellynck 127 - 149
What Do we Know about Entering Innovation Network by SMEs ? PDF
Francesca Minarelli, Meri Raggi, Davide Viaggi 150 - 160
The Role of Innovation Intermediaries in Innovation Systems PDF
Magnus Nilsson, Clarissa Sia-Ljungström 160 - 180
Knowledge Exchange in Innovation Networks: How Networks Support open Innovation in Food SMEs PDF
Bianka Kühne, Virginie Lefebvre, Xavier Gellynck 181 - 196
Science Meets Reality: Economic Efficiency, Markets, Institutions and Food Security PDF
Bernardo Reynolds Pacheco de Carvalho 197 - 218
The International Olive Oil Trade A network analysis PDF
Arturo Casieri, Bernardo De Gennaro, Umberto Medicamento 219 - 237
The Agri-food Competitive Performance in the EU Countries: A Fifteen Years Retrospective PDF
Laura Carraresi, Alessandro Banterle 238 - 250
Impacts of Improved Animal Welfare Standards on Competitiveness of EU Animal Production PDF
David Harvey, Carmen Hubbards, Edward Majewski, Agata Malak-Rawlikowska, Mariusz Hamulczuk, Monika Gębska 251 - 274
Imperfect Competition in the Italian Dairy Chain: Consequences for the Price Transmission and Welfare Distribution PDF
Franco Rosa, Michela Vasciaveo 275 - 298
Economic Impact of Integration in the Food Supply Chain PDF
Sebastian Jarzebowski, Agnieszka Bezat-Jarzebowska, Bogdan Klepacki 299 - 309
Clean Energy Industries and rare Earth Materials: Economic and Financial Issues PDF
Lucia Baldi, Massimo Peri, Daniela Vandone 310 - 324
Farmers’ Markets, Producer and Consumer Behaviour: Analysis of Interactions with the Metrics of Sustainability PDF
Davide Marino, Luigi Mastronardi, Silvio Franco, Daniela De Gregorio, Clara Cicatiello, Barbara Pancino 325 - 343
Drivers of Eco-Innovation in the Italian Wine Industry PDF
Alessandro Muscio, Gianluca Nardone, Antonio Stasi 344 - 360
Evaluation of Policies to Promote Healthy Eating in the EU PDF
W Bruce Traill Bruce Traill 361 - 366
Time Preference and Health: The Problem of Obesity PDF
Alessia Cavaliere, Elisa De Marchi, Alessandro Banterle 367 - 380
EU School Fruit Scheme: Strengthening Local Businesses PDF
Jan-Paul Höllmer, Monika Hartmann 381 - 394
Price Versus Non-price Incentives for Participation in Quality Labeling: The Case of the German Fruit Juice Industry PDF
Roland Herrmann, Simon Bleich 395 - 407
Institutional Change in Germany’s Farmers Associations: Impacts of the Dairy Conflict PDF
Jan Alpmann, Vera Bitsch 408 - 416
Opportunities for Local for Local Food Production: A case in the Dutch Fruit and Vegetables PDF
Jurriaan Visser, Jacques Trienekens, Paul van Beek 417 - 437
US Consumers’ Perception of Local and Organic Food: An Analysis Based on Means-End Chain Analysis and Word Association PDF
Rainer Haas Haas, James Sterns, Oliver Meixner, Diane-Isis Nyob, Verena Traar 438 - 454
Study on Demand of Animal Protein Resources in Egypt PDF
Gaber Ahmed Bassyouni Shehata 455 - 465
Quality-Based Clustering of Food Products for Customized Food Logistics PDF
Pegah Amani, Klara Båth, Karin Östergren, Kristina Liljestrand, Anna Fredriksson, Linea Kjellsdotter 466 - 479
Sustainability Assessment Framework for Food Supply Chain Logistics: Empirical Findings from Dutch Food Industry PDF
Jack G.A.J. van der Vorst, Lotte Peeters, Jacqueline M. Bloemhof 480 - 491
Importance of the Main Agribusiness Products to the Brazilian Economy PDF
Aziz Galvão da Silva Júnior, Bruna do Valle Rodriguez Neves, Marina Macedo Rocha, Artur Henrique Leite Falcette, Abdias Garcia Machado 492 - 501
Related to Sustainability: Challenges and Barriers PDF
Fruzsina Homolka, Adrienn Hegyi, András Sebők 502 - 509
Networking Related to Sustainability in Hungary PDF
Adrienn Hegyi, Fruzsina Homolka, András Sebők 510 - 528
Price Volatility and Risk Management: The Case of Rice PDF
Alessandro Banterle, Daniela Vandone 529 - 540
Contracts Between Small Scale Soybean Farmers and the Biodiesel Industry in Brazil: An Application of Principal-Agent Model PDF
Felippe Clemente, Aziz Galvão da Silva Júnior 541 - 549
Impacts of Biogas Production on the Production Factors Land and Labour – Current Effects, Possible Consequences and Further Research Needs PDF
Carsten H. Emmann, Welf Guenther-Lübbers, Ludwig Theuvsen 550 - 566
Climate-Adapted Soil Cultivation as an Aspect for Sustainable Farming – Task-Technology-Fit of a Decision Support System PDF
Welf Guenther-Lübbers, Ludwig Arens, Ludwig Theuvsen 567 - 578
Innovative Solutions of the Future Internet: Needs of the Food Chain Users PDF
Katalin Viola, István Gábor, András Sebők 579 - 592
Temperature Monitoring for Quality Prediction and Inventory Control in Cold Chain: a Case of 18℃ Ready-to-eat Food in Taiwan PDF
L.C. Iao, H.I. Hsiao, M.F. Yang 593 - 600
Benefits through Utilising EPC Network Components in Service-Oriented Envi-ronments – an Analysis using the Example of the Food Industry PDF
Ralph Tröger, Robert Reiche, Gerhard Schiefer 601 - 615

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