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Proceedings in System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks 2014


Table of Contents

System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks 2014 PDF
Ursula Rickert, Gerhard Schiefer I
Table of contents PDF
  II - V


Improved Process Quality through Certification Systems: An Assessment of Selected Animal Welfare Labels PDF
Heinke Heise, Wiebke Pirsich,, Ludwig Theuvsen 1 - 11
A New Balance of Power Between Suppliers and Retailers in Finland PDF
Xing Liu, Jyrki Niemi 12 - 17
Determinants of Web-based CSR Disclosure in the Food Industry
Florian Sommer, Jeanette Klink, Daniela Senkl, Monika Hartmann 18 - 25
Technological Competencies and Firm Performance: Analyzing the Importance of Internal and External Competencies PDF
Markus Grillitsch, Magnus Nilsson 26 - 41
Sustainability as Sales Argument in the Fruit Juice Industry? An Analysis of On-Product Communication PDF
Jeanette Klink, Stefanie Hecht, Nina Langen, Monika Hartmann 42 - 57
´Opinions of Stakeholders and Consumers on the Sustainability of the Soy and Beef Supply Chain in Latin America and Europe PDF
Zsófia Kertész, Adrienn Hegyi, Hanna Stolz, Ingrid Jahrl, András Sebők, Salvador Garibay, Cosimo Rota, Cesare Zanasi 58 - 70
The Effect of Terroir on Wine Business Model in Burgundy: To Make Wine or to Sell Harvest? PDF
Georges Giraud 71 - 75
Exploration and Exploitation Innovations in the Food Firms PDF
Manuel Sánchez-Pérez, María Belén Marín-Carrillo, Michael Bourlakis 76 - 90
Chain Governance Systems and Sustainable Capital Use – A Conceptual Approach PDF
Marianne Hubeau, Koen Mondelaers, Ine Coteur, Fleur Marchand, Ludwig Lauwers 91 - 106
Assessing the Supply Chain Governance Scenario in the Agri-food Sector: Development of a Measurement Tool PDF
Cosimo Rota, Cesare Zanasi, Nikolai Reynolds 107 - 116
Commercializing Smallholder Value Chains for Goats in Mozambique: A System Dynamics Approach PDF
Kanar H. Hamza, Karl M. Rich, A. Derek Baker, Saskia Hendrickx 117 - 134
Design Thinking and Food Innovation PDF
Nina Veflen Olsen 135 - 143
Supply Chain Design and Control Principles in Local Food Production: A Norwegian Case Study PDF
Heidi C. Dreyer, Jan O. Strandhagen, Maria K. Thomassen, Anita Romsdal, Erik Gran 144 - 154
Alternative Food Systems: The Case of Agri-food SMEs PDF
Imene Kellou 155 - 160
Worldwide Evidences in the Relationships between Agriculture, Energy and Water Sectors PDF
Massimo Peri, Daniela Vandone, Lucia Baldi 161 - 175
What do German Consumers Expect from Sustainable Aquaculture? PDF
Yvonne Feucht, Katrin Zander 176 - 184
Consumer Attitudes, Knowledge and Behavior in the Russian Market of Food PDF
Oliver Meixner, Rainer Haas, Yana Perevoshchikova, Maurizio Canavari 185 - 196
Language, Ethnical Identity and Consumer Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Study of Marketing Communication in the Region FVG PDF
F. Rosa, S. Sillani, F. Nassivera, M. Vasciaveo 197 - 219
A Green Leaf!? Consumers’ Knowledge and Perception of the Mandatory EU Organic Logo PDF
Katrin Zander 220 - 228
An Analysis of Food Safety Private Investments Drivers in the Italian Meat Sector PDF
Gaetano Martino, Miroslava Bavorovà 229 - 251
Agri-environmental Policies and their Impacts on the Environment and Different Farm Types in Japan: An Economic-Biophysical Model Approach PDF
Tetsuya UETAKE, Hiroki SASAKI 252 - 269
Empirically Testing for Dynamic Causality between Promotions and Sales Beer Promotions and Sales in England PDF
Ray Huffaker, Andrew Fearne 270 - 274
Children and School Meals: The New Party to Negotiations for Sustainability PDF
Minna Mikkola, Anna Post 275 - 282
Innovation through Networking: The Case of the Agricultural Sector PDF
Evelien Lambrecht, Bianka Kühne, Xavier Gellynck 283 - 296
Effects of Learning from Distributors on Manufacturers’ Exploitation and Exploration Innovation Strategies in Food and Beverages Industry PDF
Cristina Segovia López, Manuel Sánchez Pérez 297 - 302
Stated Preferences for Consumption of Sea Urchin: A Choice Experiment in Sardinia (Italy) PDF
Roberto Furesi, Fabio A. Madau, Andrea Palomba, Pietro Pulina 303 - 311
Farmers’ Valuation of Incentives to Produce GMO-free Milk: A Discrete Choice Experiment PDF
Julia A. Schreiner 312 - 323
Can Differentiated Production Planning and Control enable both Responsiveness and Efficiency in Food Production? PDF
Anita Romsdal, Jan Ola Strandhagen, Heidi Carin Dreyer 324 - 333
Business Collaboration in Food Networks: Incremental Solution Development PDF
Harald Sundmaeker 334 - 343
Absorptive Capability and Knowledge Tacitness in the Transfer of Knowledge in the Agrifood Cluster of the Southeast of Spain PDF
Manuel Sánchez-Pérez, Michael Bourlakis 344 - 353
The Coexistence of PDO and Brand Labels: The Case of the Ready-sliced Parma Ham PDF
Filippo Arfini, Marina Pazzona 354 - 364
Towards a Smarter Greenport: Public‐Private Partnership to Boost Digital Standardisation and Innovation in the Dutch Horticulture PDF
Cor N. Verdouw, N. Bondt, H. Schmeitz, H. Zwinkels 365 - 372
Social Life Cycle Assessment: Socioeconomic Evaluation of Biogas Plants and Short Rotation Coppices PDF
Sören Henke, Ludwig Theuvsen 373 - 383
Efficiency of Milk Processing Companies – Parametric and non-Parametric Approaches PDF
Sebastian Jarzębowski, Agnieszka Bezat-Jarzębowska 384 - 393
Knowledge Transfer Tools for Enhancing Sustainability PDF
András Sebők, Fruzsina Homolka, Adrienn Hegyi 394 - 397
An E-platform for Supporting Sustainability Developments with Special Reference to Latin America PDF
Emanuele Novelli, Claus Scherschel, Gerhard Schiefer 398 - 412
The European Food Prices Monitoring Tool as a Prerequisite for more Price Transparency in the Food Chain PDF
Joachim Schouteten, Katrien Van Lembergen, Adrienn Molnár, Xavier Gellynck 413 - 428
Do Agricultural Commodity Firm Stock Price and Agricultural Commodity Price Move Together? PDF
Francis Declerck 429 - 438
Policy Impacts in the Dairy Supply Chain: The Case of German Whole Milk Powder PDF
Sascha A. Weber, Petra Salamon, Heiko Hansen 439 - 447
Demand Constraints and New Demands: Regulations, Markets and Institutions Efficiency (A Case Study for Cape Verde) PDF
Bernardo Reynolds Pacheco de Carvalho 448 - 459
Factors Influencing the Performance of German Food SME Formal Networks PDF
Jivka Deiters, Esther Heuss, Gerhard Schiefer 460 - 472
Does Consumer Time Preference Affect Label Use? PDF
Alessia Cavaliere, Elisa De Marchi, Alessandro Banterle 473 - 480
Soft Fruit Sector in Croatia- Agribusiness Management Video Supported Case Study PDF
Mario Njavro, Monika Blomne Sopov, Antonija Alić 481 - 486
Responsible Business and Sustainable Food – A Regional and International Network Model with Linkage between Science and Business PDF
Wiltrud Terlau, Darya Hirsch 487 - 490
Societal Expectations on Structural Change in Agriculture: How can the Sector Cope with it? PDF
Petra Salamon, Doreen Bürgelt, Inken Christoph-Schulz 491 - 502

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