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Proceedings in System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks 2015

Table of Contents

System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks 2015 PDF
Jivka Deiters, Ursula Rickert, Gerhard Schiefer I
Table of Content PDF
  II - IV


Business concept as a relational message: supermarket vs independent grocery as competitors for sustainability PDF
Minna Mikkola 1 - 6
Shelf life extension and food waste reduction PDF
Pegah Amani, Lars-Erik Gadde 7 - 14
Explaining the German hog price cycle: A nonlinear dynamics approach PDF
Ernst Berg, Ray Huffaker 15 - 35
Analyzing Food Supply and Distribution Systems using complex systems methodologies PDF
Vanessa Armendàriz, Stefano Armenia, Alberto Stanislao Atzori, Angelo Romano 36 - 58
Web Data Mining and Social Media Analysis for better Communication in Food Safety Crises PDF
Christian H. Meyer, Martin Hamer, Wiltrud Terlau, Johannes Raithel, Patrick Pongratz 59 - 68
Voluntary traceability standards: which is the role of economic incentives? PDF
S. Stranieri, A. Cavaliere, A. Banterle 69 - 81
Efficiency of Food Chains – Theoretical and Methodological Framework PDF
Sebastian Jarzębowski, Agnieszka Bezat-Jarzębowska 82 - 88
Fresh-cut salad and shelf life date extension: a segmentation of Italian consumers PDF
S. Stranieri, L. Baldi 89 - 99
Harmonising stakeholder’s preferences, needs and acceptance on sustainability and technical aspects to develop specifications for biodegradable packaging material PDF
András Sebők, Ágnes Gyuró, Csaba Baár, Adrienn Hegyi 100 - 109
Bilateral export trade and income similarity: Does the Linder hypothesis hold for agricultural and food trade? PDF
Sandro Steinbach 110 - 114
Impediments to wheat export from Ukraine PDF
Iryna Kulyk, Thomas Herzfeld 115 - 139
Cashew Chain Value in Guiné-Bissau: Challenges and Contributions for Food Security. (A Case Study for Guiné-Bissau) PDF
Bernardo Reynolds Pacheco de Carvalho, Henrique Mendes 140 - 154
Influence of GM Soy Expansion on the Argentinian Food and Nutrition Security PDF
Cesare Zanasi, Cosimo Rota, Claudia Severi, Anna Demadonna 155 - 164
Food gap and food security of sugar in Egypt PDF
Gaber Ahmed Bassyouni Shehata 165 - 174
Consumer preferences for meat: self-service counter or service counter? PDF
Ramona Weinrich, Sarah Kühl, Annabell Franz, Achim Spiller 175 - 198
Sustainable Consumption and the Attitude-Behaviour-Gap Phenomenon - Causes and Measurements towards a Sustainable Development PDF
Wiltrud Terlau, Darya Hirsch 199 - 214
Aquaculture production and use of insects for feed: a consumer perspective PDF
L. Baldi, T. Mancuso 215 - 225
Needs and difficulties of food businesses in the substantiation of health and nutrition claims PDF
A. Hegyi, K. Viola, A. Gyuró, A. Sebők, S. Vidry, P. Putz, D. Bánáti 226 - 253
What is the benefit of organically-reared dairy cattle? Societal perception towards conventional and organic dairy farming PDF
Inken Christoph-Schulz, Petra Salamon, Daniela Weible 254 - 261
The Balanced Scorecard as a Management Tool for Arable Farming PDF
Margit Paustian, Marie Wellner, Ludwig Theuvsen 262 - 275
A Farm Information Model for Development and Configuration of Interoperable ICT Components to support Collaborative Business Processes – a case of late blight protection PDF
Jan Willem Kruize, Daan Goense, Sjaak Wolfert, Cor N. Verdouw, Huub Scholten, Adrie J. M. Beulens 276 - 284
Macroeconomics and the Nexus between Energy and Agricultural Commodities Prices PDF
R. D. Weaver, Jiachuan Tian 285 - 285
Price Transmission in Vertical Dairy Chains: The Italian Case PDF
R. D. Weaver, F. Rosa, M. Vasciaveo 286 - 286
Financial Instruments and Conflicts of Interest: Application to French Agricultural Co-operatives PDF
Francis Declerck 287 - 298
Biogas3: Sustainable and Economical Production of Biogas from Food Waste of European Agrifood Industry PDF
Remigio Berruto, Valter Boero, Patrizia Busato, Angela Calvo, Alessandro Sopegno, Lorenzo Venudo, Daniele Rossi, Paz Gomez, Begoña Ruiz, Małgorzata Kachniarz 299 - 308
BIODISELFAO: System for Investment Analysis in the Biodiesel Production Chain PDF
Aziz Galvão da Silva Júnior 309 - 316
Does everyone reject modern pig production? Identification and characterisation of societal groups in Germany PDF
Daniela Weible, Inken Christoph-Schulz, Petra Salamon 317 - 327
Are animal welfare aspects of relevance in consumers’ purchase decision? PDF
Jeanette Klink, Nina Langen 328 - 346
How scary! An analysis of visual communication concerning genetically modified organisms in Italy PDF
Vera Ventura, Dario G. Frisio 347 - 353
The communication of CSR activities via social media A qualitative approach to identify opportunities and challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises in the agri-food sector PDF
Oliver Meixner, Elisabeth Pollhammer, Rainer Haas 354 - 362
Drivers, effects and peculiarities of innovation activities in the food industry: a comparison across EU Member States using CIS data PDF
Stefano Ciliberti, Stefanie Bröring, Gaetano Martino 363 - 389
Success factors of innovation networks: Lessons from agriculture in Flanders PDF
Evelien Lambrecht, Bianka Kühne, Xavier Gellynck 390 - 403
Systematic Heterogeneity: How to combine Smartphone related Apps with FIspace PDF
Harald Sundmaeker, Peter Einramhof 404 - 414
Attribute Non-Attendance and Satisficing Behavior in Online Choice Experiments PDF
Michael S. Jones, Lisa A. House, Zhifeng Gao 415 - 432
Sustainability of food chains - meeting the challenges of the future PDF
Gerhard Schiefer, Jivka Deiters 433 - 448
Determinants of Job Search Success of German Agricultural Sciences Graduates PDF
Birgit Schulze‐Ehlers 449 - 469
Fostering entrepreneurial education in Agribusiness through experiential learning PDF
Alessio Cavicchi, Chiara Rinaldi, Cristina Santini 470 - 476

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