Managerial Aspects of Forming Enterprises’ Competitive Advantages: The Case of Agri-food Sector

Iryna Markina, Nikolai Somych, Olena Taran-Lala, Elena Varaksina, Iryna Potapiuk, Mykola Vovk


This study develops a methodological approach to evaluating the competitive advantages of agri-food companies in Ukraine. The materials used within the examination process were taken from 15 Ukrainian agri-food enterprises. The research methods were a multivariate linear regression model and cluster analysis. As a result of the regression model formation, a close relationship was revealed between firms’ competitiveness, potential, financial status, and production output and sales. Determination of the values of independent variables allowed predicting changes in the competitiveness of the studied agri-food enterprises for the next five years.


competitiveness; agribusiness; potential; performance; management

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ISSN 1869-6945


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