Price Dependence in the Supply Chain on the Mushroom Market in Canada

Wioleta Sobczak, Vinay Kanetkar


The aim of this dissertation is to assess the dependence in the mushroom supply chain in Canada. Statistical research has proven that there exists vertical transmission of prices between those of the producers, wholesalers and retailers. According to the results, retail prices, which are definitely higher than prices at other distribution levels, did not exhibit a statistically significant relationship with other prices. At this stage of distribution, the level of prices depended mainly on values in previous periods at the same stage of sales. At the stage of wholesale trade and the producer’s level, relations in price formation were demonstrated. The autoregressive distributed lag model (ARDL) therefore indicates the occurrence of asymmetry in the transmission of mushroom prices between trade levels. The results suggest that retail prices paid by the final consumers depend on retail prices from previous months. Wholesale prices seem to be significantly affected by both producer prices and retail prices. At the same time, it was pointed out that producer prices depend on prices from previous periods and as well as on those applied at the wholesale level.

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