Value chain Performance of Anadara tuberculosa (Concha Prieta)

Eveligh Prado-Carpio, Moisés Enrique Martínez-Soto, María de Lourdes Olivo-Garrido, Manuel Quiñonez-Cabeza, Carlos Rodríguez-Monroy


The bivalve mollusk, Anadara tuberculosa (Concha Prieta), is found in the mangroves of the American Pacific, where it is subject to subsistence extraction. This article characterizes the performance of its value chain in Ecuador. A descriptive methodology of a quantitative type, non-experimental design, field, cross-sectional, and ex-facto was applied. Similar questionnaires were designed, validated, and applied to each link in the chain to collect information. It is concluded that there is a poor performance of the value chain with reduced productivity, loss of competitiveness, and deterioration of the participants' quality of life.

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ISSN 2194-511X


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