Agribusiness Management Characterization and Performance of the Value Chain in the Production of the “Concha Prieta”

Carlos Rodríguez-Monroy, Eveligh Prado-Carpio, Moisés Martínez-Soto, Anne Morris-Díaz


The Anadara tuberculosa in Ecuador called "Concha Prieta", is a bivalve mollusk that is obtained manually on the
shores of the American Pacific Ocean, from northern Peru to southern Mexico. This artisanal business economically
and socially benefits thousands of fishing families but also contributes significantly to the preservation of the
mangrove swamp, one of the main ecosystems that produce blue carbon. The objective of this research was to
characterize the management of agribusiness and the performance of the Anadara tuberculosa value chain. It was
concluded that despite the low levels of agribusiness management, the performance of the value chain reaches an
intermediate level, mainly due to the relevant characteristics of the Concha Prieta, the high demand in the
Ecuadorian market and in neighboring countries.

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