Interventions to Guide Consumers towards Sustainable Nutrition out-of-home – the Perspective of Caterers vs. Guests

Nina Langen, Emily Bauske, Ricarda Dubral, Christine Göbel, Melanie Speck, Tobias Engelmann, Holger Rohn, Petra Teitscheid


Sustainable out-of-home nutrition can help achieve overarching sustainability goals through a transformation in demands of consumers in this growing market. Studies indicate that individual food choice behaviours in out-of-home settings relate to a wide set of personal, social and situational factors. These factors can be influenced by various intervention strategies. In an expert meeting and a focus group we invited caterers and consumers to generate, discuss and evaluate various practical intervention ideas. Both parties largely perceive the explored ideas as useful and agree on key intervention ideas. Overall caterers and consumers state to prefer nudging strategies over information and participation interventions.

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ISSN 2194-511X


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