What Drives Marketing and Organizational Innovation in the Food Industry? A Comparison between Italy and Germany

Stefano Ciliberti, Laura Carraresi, Stefanie Bröring


In the food industry low amounts of capital are invested in innovation and R&D and companies are mainly engaged in developing product and process innovations in order to keep up with continuously changing consumer preferences. Notwithstanding, marketing and organizational innovation are becoming pivotal for food companies in order to specifically meet these preferences, and develop new business practices which allow them to implement successful external relationships aimed at a greater and successful innovation activity.
In this regard, the present paper aims to shed lights on the determinants of both types of non-technological innovations in two of the largest EU food and drink producers by turnover and value added: Italy and Germany. To this purpose, an econometric analysis is run using microdata of the Community Innovation Survey (CIS) carried out in 2012.
Results highlight that, apart from some significant differences concerning the role of knowledge sources, training activities represent a relevant driver for both marketing and organizational innovations in both countries.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18461/pfsd.2017.1719

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