Economics of Goat and Ewe Milk Cheeses with Protected Designation of Origin in Europe

Georges Giraud


We present an overview of the added-value created by Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) labelling scheme for goat and/or ewe milk cheeses in Europe through literature review. A food product wearing the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label has an original trait, strictly related to its area of origin, this trait is not reproducible outside this area. A PDO food product is produced and processed and prepared in its area of production and benefits from a long lasting good reputation. The PDO labelling scheme is based upon the peculiar combination of pedoclimatic conditions and local know-how which makes the product unique and original. The PDO label is a guarantee of origin and protects the collective brand name against fraudulent naming of PDO-like products coming from nowhere, such as Feta-like industrial cheese.

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