Biogas3: Sustainable and Economical Production of Biogas from Food Waste of European Agrifood Industry

Remigio Berruto, Valter Boero, Patrizia Busato, Angela Calvo, Alessandro Sopegno, Lorenzo Venudo, Daniele Rossi, Paz Gomez, Begoña Ruiz, Małgorzata Kachniarz


The purpose of this work is to promote the sustainable production of renewable energy from the biogas obtained from agrifood waste in small-scale concepts for pursuing energy self-sufficiency.
Stakeholders were interviewed and two different questionnaires were offered: the first for agrifood industries, the second for biogas plants and component providers. Information obtained was elaborated to have a view of wastage amounts in agrifood sector and get information of available small-scale biogas plants.
Obtained data were used in different project phases: for Smallbiogas calibration (a web application to facilitate small-scale biogas plant business plan setup), plant models calibration and to write Biogas3 Handbook.
The activities of this work were based on Biogas3 project, co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union Contract N° IEE-13-477.

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ISSN 2194-511X


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