An E-platform for Supporting Sustainability Developments with Special Reference to Latin America

Emanuele Novelli, Claus Scherschel, Gerhard Schiefer


Due to raising pressures from civil society, consumers, businesses and public institutions, appropriate methodological, technological and organizational innovations acquired a central role for the establishment of global sustainable food supply chains. This paper presents an-line software able to support the implementation of sustainable policies for two highly traded products between Latina America and Europe that still raise environmental, social and economic concerns, namely soymeal and beef. The E-Platform propose itself as a synthesis of both scientific and management requirements, therefore combining complex analysis methods as life cycle analysis in the back-end and implementation and monitoring modules in the front-end. The system, currently in its test phase in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, has its primary objectives in facilitating the implementation of new sustainable production policies, in opening access to new markets and in complying with stringent requirements minimizing the certification costs and time investments for the actors of the supply chain.

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ISSN 2194-511X


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