How to Defend Market Shares against Foreign Competitors: The Case of Organic Apples in Germany

Katrin Zander


While generally the share of imports is increasing in the German organic fruit and vegetable market, the situations seems to be better in the case of organic apples, and the share of domestic produce is comparably high at about 55 %. This contribution answers the question on the reasons and the success factors within the organic apple supply chain. The focus of the research is laid on the relationship quality and on collaboration activities. In order to create a better understanding of the supply chain some information on production, imports and main distribution channels is provided. Structured interviews were conducted with selected actors of the supply chain. Success factors of the organic apple supply chain turned out to be the high relationship quality between actors which results in intense collaboration. Actors at all levels of the supply chain are highly committed and describe their business relations as satisfying and trustful. However, part of the success is also related to the pronounced retailers and consumer preferences for domestic apples.

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