Improving the Evaluation of the Competitive Ability of the National Market of Meat and Meat Products of Kazakhstan

Borash S. Myrzaliyev, Samet Chetin, Gulmira Zh. Azretbergenova


This article considers the economic nature of competition and competitive ability in modern conditions of economic development, reveals features of the competitive environment of the meat market, identifies factors for increasing the competitive ability of meat industry. The methodological foundations of increasing the competitiveness of the national market of meat products in Kazakhstan are examined. The provisions and principles of a systematic approach to ensuring the development of the meat industry in the agro-industrial complex are examined. The performance rating of livestock and poultry meat production in the countries of Central Asia is determined.


livestock farming; resource-saving technologies; production efficiency; meat and food subcomplex; competition management

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ISSN 1869-6945


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