Insights on the Alleged Imitation of Prosecco Wine Name: The Case of the German Market

Samuele Trestini, Elisa Giampietri, Serena Szathvary, Andrea Dal Bianco


Prominent on the agenda in recent times has been the question of the widespread use of alleged imitations of Prosecco name on wine bottles sold in Germany. This question has attracted even the interest of Italian producers lately, who denounce the evoking effect of such name imitations of the original PDO wine. This paper examines the impact of some product characteristics and those related to the purchasing place on wine price, applying a hedonic price model to homescan data related to the German market in 2013. Findings suggest that the alleged name
imitation has a premium price, thus getting a free ride on brand reputation at the expense of the original Italian wine.


wine; hedonic price model; Germany; consumers; wine name imitation

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ISSN 1869-6945


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