Relationship Management and Lean Analysis in Maintaining Horticulture Supply Chains with Micro-businesses in Wales

David Simons, David Skydmore


The horticulture sector is characterised by variability in production volumes and quality, fluctuating prices and goods of short shelf life. ‘Lean’ analysis is used to identify strengths and weaknesses in relationships between micro-businesses in horticulture. Three case studies of small horticultural enterprises, a scale prevalent in the sector in Wales, describe relationships and supply structures.
A model for the generic application of relationship management to smaller enterprises is proposed in which the effects of continued adherence in inter-company relationships, and supply system configuration, are examined in relation to the effectiveness of collaborations. Relationship management needs to be a priority in these small enterprises. Buyer dominance over suppliers may decrease the effectiveness of relationships in small and micro-enterprises in Welsh horticulture.


lean; power; business relationships; food supply systems; horticulture

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ISSN 1869-6945


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