The Link between Food Traceability and Food Labels in the Perception of Young Consumers in Italy

Sara Tessitore, Fabio Iraldo, Andrea Apicella Apicella, Angela Tarabella Tarabella


The research analyzed the perception of food traceability among consumers in Italy and the role of food labels in supporting consumer information about food traceability. The components (health, quality, product origin and many others) that are involved in the concept of food traceability were examined and the most important ones were identified. An online survey (n=511 consumers) was carried out in Milan in the north of Italy. Students and employees from the Bocconi University were selected in order to investigate the relevance of food traceability in consumer purchasing decisions. An ordered logit regression was applied.
The findings confirm that consumers are interested in various components of food traceability and look for labels that provide information on the product supply chain. The research confirms that traceability is important in the food market and some types of labels on product features (as product sustainability or origin) are associated with it.


consumers; food labels; food traceability; perception

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ISSN 1869-6945


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