The Carne Carbono Neutro Accordance to Brazilian Consumers’ Attitude towards Beef

Cesare Zanasi, Camilla Rabboni, Cosimo Rota, Davi José Bungenstab, Valdemir Antônio Laura


The Brazilian project Carne Carbono Neutro (CCN) assumes that a more sustainable beef will increase its value for the consumers. The paper aims to verify this assumption and to suggest a communication strategy supporting the CCN valorization. An online survey involving 506 Brazilian consumers showed three different classes of consumers with significantly different attitudes towards environmental issues. Price and quality always strongly influence their demand for beef. A communication campaign should focus on the CCN lower beef environmental impact and beef price/quality issues. Social media on internet and education programs in schools and different institutions should be used.


Brazil; beef; sustainability; integrated crop-livestock-forestry; communication

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ISSN 1869-6945


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