Determining Factors that Affect Farming in the Albanian Milk Sector

Olta Sokoli, Illir Kapaj, Reiner Doluschitz


In Albania, the agricultural sector is dominated to almost 60% by subsistence farming. Nevertheless, agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the economy, as it contributes to nearly 1/2 of employment in Albania and 1/5 to the GDP (ILO - International Labour Organisation, 2018).
The government has applied different policies and instruments in collaboration with foreign associations (GIZ, FAO) to improve and further develop this sector by inviting farmers in new initiatives.
Being part of an innovative organisation or being an innovative actor in terms of the role you play and functions you carry out in the value chain, are still considered as impasse by the majority of farmers in Albania. As a result, innovation and risk-taking are two factors that are contrary but strongly related to each other when it comes to the behaviour of Albanian farmers.


innovation; farmers characteristics; Albania; milk dairy sector

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