Preferences for Certified Beef with Animal Welfare and Other Credence Attributes in Australia

L. Emilio Morales, Garry Griffith, Euan Fleming, Stuart Mounter, Victor Wright, Wendy Umberger


Concerns over livestock production practices have resulted in increased consumer preferences for certified products. Australian beef buyers’ survey data revealed the preferences of consumers who would buy differentiated beef based on animal welfare, safety, health, or environmental-friendly considerations. Female respondents are more likely to buy certified animal welfare products. Buyers with children, and those who value branded beef, are more likely to buy products differentiated by a bundle of credence attributes. Given that Australian beef consumers eat similar amounts, there are opportunities for differentiating beef products according to credence attributes and offering them in a range of retailers.


consumer preferences; animal welfare; propensity to buy; logistic regression

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ISSN 1869-6945


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