Food-Scanners as a Radical Innovation in German Fresh Produce Supply Chains

Simon Goisser, Heike Mempel, Vera Bitsch


Originally advertised as tools for end-consumers, portable food-scanners have recently reached a high level of awareness and show potential as instruments for quality assessment along fruit and vegetable supply c hains. The current study explores preferences and concerns of chain actors regarding the implementation of this technology through semi-structured interviews. Results indicate that food-scanners could facilitate quality control at different levels of the fresh produce supply chain by providing fast, non-destructive and objective measurements. Concerns about the application of food-scanners could be identified with respect to potential additional requirements of fruit wholesaler resulting in more pressure on producers. To further a goal-oriented and user-directed development of this new technology, future research should be directed at its impacts on perception of fruit quality along the chain as well as end-consumers’ readiness to use these devices in everyday life.


food-scanner; fruit and vegetable supply chain; quality measurement; qualitative research

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ISSN 1869-6945


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