Citizens’ Perception of Different Aspects Regarding German Livestock Production

Anja Rovers, Inken Christoph‐Schulz, Nanke Brümmer


This paper presents the actual perception of German citizens regarding the importance of different husbandry aspects. In 2017, an online survey with 2.400 respondents, based on a qualitative pilot study with focus groups, was conducted. Participants discussed about their perception of actual animal husbandry with respect to the design of stables and animal‐related aspects. Using two different ranking procedures, main points of criticism as well as sideshows could be identified for fattening pigs, dairy cattle production and laying hens. The results will contribute to establishing livestock production systems in consensus with citizens’ preferences.


Livestock production; citizens’ perception; focus groups; online survey; ranking procedure

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ISSN 1869-6945


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