Should I Make or Should I Buy? Innovation Strategies and Governance Structures in the Italian Food Sector

Stefano Pascucci, Annie Royer, Jos Bijman


This paper analyses the "make or buy" decision of food firms applied to innovation strategy using 389 Italian food firms data from the Unicredit 2007 database. We develop a set of hypothesis from three theoretical perspectives such as transaction cost economics, strategic management and resource-based view. Our paper aims at highlight whether or not different firm’s features can be linked to the decision to make or buy. We found out that these two decisions are positively interlinked. Moreover we also found out that it is difficult to indicate a clear-cut behaviour for the Italian food firms if we refer to making or buying decisions. We discuss these results and use them to bring some interesting outcomes to discuss managerial implications and/or policy interventions in this highly strategic domain.


innovation determinants; technology sourcing; innovation

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ISSN 1869-6945


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