The Sustainability of Intensive Livestock Areas (ILAS): Network System and Conflict Potential from the Perspective of Animal Farmers

Dennis Otten, Herman F.A. Van den Weghe



The present study has determined the perceived consequences of an ILA on the production conditions of livestock farming systems based on the advantages of an agglomerated agri-food industry and the disadvantages of an increasing livestock concentration. It became obvious that the benefits of such ILAs can be understood according to their human and social capital. These elements, however, are both associated with a low geographic responsiveness to any increase in problems and so cause land use conflicts to increase. Their perception of the effects of being located within an ILA caused the livestock farmers in this survey to consider their production conditions more when formulating their demands with respect to policies concerning regional development and land use planning. Understanding this type of perception may help to counter current problems and to enhance the success of structural policies in ILAs.

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ISSN 1869-6945


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