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An international peer-reviewed scientific journal with a multi-disciplinary focus on a foundation in socio-economic, policy, management, organization, and consumer research.

The International Journal on Food System Dynamics publishes research on the analysis, organization, management, operation, and strategic development of the food system and its actors and dependants (enterprises, chains, networks, institutions, policy, and consumers). Challenges of social, economic and environmental sustainability in a world of increasing instability and decreasing production base challenge the system's ability to serving consumers on a global scale with food that is readily available, affordable and of the quality, safety, and diversity they do expect. This requires new dynamics in the system, innovative developments, and research that provides the necessary support. To this end, scientific articles are complemented by sections providing a platform for case studies and a research forum. The Journal is published only as an electronic journal. Citation information is provided with the individual publications.

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Vol 6, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Urban Gardening Realities: The Example Case Study of Portsmouth, England PDF
Alan Hallsworth, Alfred Wong 1 - 11
Chile-EU Trade Agreement: What Can We Learn from Trade Statistics? PDF
Jaime de Pablo Valenciano, Miguel Angel Giacinti Battistuzzi, Tomás Garcia Azcaráte 12 - 23
Determinants of Web-based CSR Disclosure in the Food Industry PDF
Florian Sommer, Jeanette Klink, Daniela Senkl, Monika Hartmann 24 - 31
Consumer Preferences for High Welfare Meat in Germany: Self-service Counter or Service Counter? PDF
Ramona Weinrich, Sarah Kühl, Anabell Franz, Achim Spiller 32 - 49
Moving towards Sustainability in Food Chains: Dealing with Costs and Benefits PDF
Gerhard Schiefer, Jivka Deiters 50 - 61

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