Market-oriented Innovation of Plant-based Products: Consumer Motivations and Product Attribute Importance

Emma Beacom, Joe Bogue, Lana Repar


The plant-based food and beverage market has experienced significant growth across all global consumer markets, and it is projected that sales of plant-based products (PBPs) will continue to increase in the coming years in response to consumer demand. The PBPs market is therefore an important area of research as it presents a significant opportunity for innovation for existing PBP producers and new market entrants. This study examined PBP consumption, motivations, and important product attributes, using an online consumer survey. Responses from PBP consumers (n=353) were statistically analysed (descriptive statistics and Principal Component Analysis), with results finding that the greatest proportion of consumers in the sample identified as omnivores, and that the majority of the sample consumed PBPs regularly. Findings further identified the most popular product categories of meat and dairy alternatives consumed, the key motivations for consumption of these products, and the product attributes most important to consumers when choosing a PBP. The authors conclude by proposing a future framework for research which summarises key conclusions from the study.

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