Tools and techniques supporting innovation in the agri-food sector

Sebastian Jarzębowski, Agnieszka Bezat-Jarzębowska


The goal of the paper was to focus on the agri-food sector from a perspective of innovation. In the article, the current situation related to innovative tools and techniques identified in the agri-food sector was presented. The attention was focused on the benefits resulting in the application of innovative solutions in three areas: food safety, mechatronics, and packaging design. Empirical part of the paper includes description and summarizing of case studies on innovations implementations conducted within the framework of Interreg I-CON project. In recent years, digitalization has made its way to all industries. Technological enablers like broadband, mobile internet, big data and cloud computing have made it possible to provide new offerings (value propositions) to customers via novel business models.  Meanwhile, wearables, smart devices and the Internet of Things influence the daily activity of billions of consumers. None of these innovations would be possible without successful execution of new product development. Over the last two decades, the agri-food sector, which is one of the most critical areas of the European economy, has undergone significant changes. Companies face the necessity of constant adaptation to the changing conditions of functioning on the market, which result to a large extent from changes in customer preferences and requirements. For the agri-food industry, it is not only the current state that is important but also the vision of development and prognosis for the future. In order to stay on the market, enterprises from the food sector have to constantly develop and look for new solutions, which can be implemented both thanks to constant investments and introduction of new technologies and thanks to support from other entities.

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