Structures and Actors of the Organic Vegetable Value Chain for School Catering: a Case Study of the Berlin-Brandenburg Metropolitan Region

Charis Linda Braun, Meike Rombach, Vera Bitsch, Anna Maria Häring


With the European Union’s move towards “green public procurement”, there is an opportunity to bring more local organic produce into school catering. The present study investigates the value chain supplying school catering with organic produce, using the organic vegetable industry in the Berlin-Brandenburg region as an example. It employs a qualitative case study approach to explore industry actors’ perspectives and their activities within the value chain. Data is collected by conducting ten in-depth interviews with actors on different supply chain levels (production, wholesale, and school catering) and is analyzed using qualitative content analysis. The results suggest that, while organic food is generally important in school catering in Berlin, locally produced organic vegetables play only a minor role. Inter-organizational coordination of value-added activities could help to further utilize the potential for local organic vegetable production and enable joint investments into lacking infrastructure such as pre-processing facilities.

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