Analyzing Households’ Fruit Juice Consumption and Purchasing Tendency: A Case Study From Isparta

Mevlüt Gul, M. Göksel Akpinar, Erdal Dagistan, Hilal Yilmaz



The investments of fruit juice industry had been begun in 1969 in Turkey and accelerated since 1983 in modern sense. 37 fruit juice firms are officially registered as trademark. The fruit juice consumption per head was increased in the beginning of 1970s by about 13 fold augmentation, however, this value is still considerably lower than the developed countries. Relatively high fresh fruit consumption is caused lower fruit juice consumption in Turkey. However, an increasing in the domestic demand of fruit juice is observed by the years. This study was carried out to determine the fruit juice consumption and the expenditure of the families in Isparta Province. Thus, this investigation was conducted in the centre of Isparta. In this means, purchasing behaviours on socio-economic variables which are related with fruit juice consumption and expenditure pattern, types and brand preferences, tendency of consumption and purchasing of households were carried out. The data used in this study were collected from 384 consumers (5% Standard Error, 95% Confidence Interval) by using face to face survey method in Isparta downtown.

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ISSN 2194-511X


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