European Preferences for Pork Product and Process Attributes: A Generalized Random Utility Model for Ranked Outcome

Francesco Caracciolo, Luigi Cembalo, Gianni Cicia, Teresa Del Giudice


The agri

‐food sector and food consumption models have experienced both worldwide and in Europe a process of change that still appears ongoing. The main effects of this change are clearly visible in a whole series of new developments. The most interesting of these appears to be the role played by food product quality as a basis on which to implement modern marketing policies targeting an increasingly segmented market.

This obviously makes it necessary for food consumption analysts to shed light on what it means, within today’s European and world consumption scenarios, to produce quality goods. On this point, in recent years the concept of quality may be said to have undergone rapid evolution. Quality has gone from meaning only intrinsic product attributes, hence synonymous with excellence, to a broader definition full of different meanings. (more...)

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