Stakeholder Growth Platforms for the Development of Food Sector Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs): A case study experience from Wales, United Kingdom

Sharon Mayho, Darren Mumford, David C. Lloyd, Elizabeth C. Redmond, Nick Clifton


Project HELIX 2016-2020 was developed and implemented in Wales, to improve technical/ safety/science knowledge; and sustainable innovation in food manufacturing small to medium enterprises (SMEs). The paper aims to place Project HELIX within the wider context of regional and food sector development and then examine the project's rationale and delivery methods in relation to this. It reflects on the effectiveness of the project (or otherwise) in constructing regional advantage from knowledge transfer and knowledge spillovers. Finally, the paper identifies areas of further research both in terms of the firm level and in relation to other food sector initiatives more generally.


Growth platforms; triple helix; constructing regional advantage; food sector; food manufacturing.

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ISSN 1869-6945


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