Identifying pathways for food system transformation: Unusual solutions for improving food system performance

Ruerd Ruben


Whereas numerous studies are available that describe the structure and components of food systems, far less attention is usually given to the analysis of drivers for food system change. Since such transformations take place at the interface of multiple stakeholders’ interests, involve the use of multiple instruments and may lead to multiple outcomes, it is of foremost importance to understand the underlying dynamics of food system transformation processes.
This article identifies different leverage points for improving dietary outcomes and outlines analytical perspectives on three possible interventions along the food value chain that go further than just ‘solving the problem’. Real systems solutions intend to address fundamental interactions within the food system and thus provide unusual solutions to change its dynamics. This opens the way to new insights on appropriate policies and innovative incentives for steering food system transformation processes.


Food systems; change dynamics; interventions; impact pathways

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ISSN 1869-6945


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