Improving Food Supply through Modernisation of the Agri-Food Complex in Kazakhstan - a Country Study

Nurgul B. Syzdykbayeva, Saltanat K. Baidybekova, Sholpan K. Otelbay, Gulmira N. Appakova, Samal Ye. Abdykalyk


The Republic of Kazakhstan aims at improving food security by increasing self sufficiency in food. However, present developments in population growths, climate change and related issues pose a challenge the country has to deal with. This requires new and different initiatives for improving agricultural production and the competitiveness of its enterprises which would facilitate investments and attract external investment interests. The paper outlines the challenges and provides suggestions on how policy could contribute to arriving at self sufficiency in food, assuring long-term food security.


food security; food supply; agro-industrial complex; market conditions; entrepreneurial risk

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ISSN 1869-6945


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