Change talk: Levels of adaptability to the livestock sector transformation

Jessica Berkes, Carla Ollier, Ivica Faletar, Inken Christoph-Schulz, Marcus Mergenthaler


The livestock sector is facing numerous challenges due to a transformation process caused by animal welfare concerns and environmental impacts. Different stakeholders in this process have their own individual interests and depend on each other in several ways. The discussions of livestock sector transformation are complex and show, that change processes need special ways to communicate. Mainly the method of motivational interviews is used as a method-of-choice-instrument especially when it comes to goal conflicts. This article will help to better understand communication processes between farmers and consumers in group discussions based on qualitative data analysis. A special focus beside the way of communication is on the aspects of animal welfare and livestock reduction. Results show insights into perspectives for communication strategies for different stakeholders. For perspectives on future animal husbandry systems it can be seen that there are three differing groups that will have to be addressed differently in upcoming political communication strategies.


change talk; animal welfare; livestock reduction; consumption patterns; communication

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ISSN 1869-6945


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