Value Chain activities of Small and Medium Food Manufacturers in Wales, United Kingdom: The KITE Project

Sharon Mayho, Darren Mumford, David C. Lloyd, Elizabeth C. Redmond


The Knowledge Innovation Technology Exchange (KITE) Feasibility Project (2008-2015) was implemented in Wales, to improve food science/technology knowledge and sustainable innovation in food manufacturing small to medium enterprises (SMEs). From this model, the study aimed to identify the salient features of such a paradigm to contribute to ‘value-added gains’ for competitive advantage. Cumulatively, >90 KITE interventions in 43 Welsh SME partners, were evaluated according to mappable value chain ‘primary activities’ and ‘support activities’. Findings from case study purposive samples conducted in 13 out of 43 KITE partner SMEs, identified added value activity across manufacturing and processing activities that positively impacted the food sector.


SME; Value Chain; Competitive Advantage; Knowledge Transfer; Food Manufacturing

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ISSN 1869-6945


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