Production, Consumption and the Actor's Landscape in the Argentinean Organic Agricultural and Food Sector

Nicolas Fuchshofen, Darya Hirsch, Lilian Irene Brodtmann, Wiltrud Terlau


Argentina substantially contributes to the global organic agriculture and food sector due to its large areas of organically managed agricultural land. However, most of the organic production is intended for export. Overall, food supply for the domestic organic market is hardly tapped. Based on this, we investigate the current importance of organic agriculture and food production as well as consumption attitudes and behavior within the country. The novelty of the study also lies in the observation, documentation and analysis of latest stakeholder‐driven developments towards organic agriculture and food. Furthermore, the publication allows the Argentinean organic market to be significantly more visible for the international audience.


Latin America; Plant‐based and animal‐derived organic products; Consumer; Export; Regional economies; NGOs; Promotion of organic agriculture; Market access

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ISSN 1869-6945


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