Information Sharing Strategies in Whitefish Supply Chains in Norway vs. Iceland: Impact on Supply Chain Decision Making

Maitri Thakur, Valur N. Gunnlaugsson, Valur N. Gunnlaugsson


Information sharing is one of the main supply chain strategies for reducing uncertainty and is vital for supply chain efficiency. For decades, whitefish industries in Iceland and Norway have produced similar products and have exported to the same global markets. However, the differences in the supply chain integration in the two countries affects the information sharing between the fishing vessels and processors that in turn has an impact on supply chain decision making. In this paper, the information sharing practices in the whitefish supply chains in Norway and Iceland are compared. Vertical integration in the Icelandic industry enables information sharing between the fishing vessels and processors which is not the case in Norway. However, Iceland is still not taking full advantage of the available information. The use of the available information in supply chain planning, specifically production planning is discussed and suggestion for improved exchange and use of information is provided.


information sharing; supply chain process mapping; whitefish supply chain; Norway; Iceland; production planning

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