Knowledge Management for Sustainable Agro-systems: Can Analysis Tools Help us to Understand and Support Agricultural Communities of Practice? Case of the French Lentil Production

Lola Leveau, Vincent Soulignac


Grain legumes are often mentioned as one of the levers available for the transition to sustainable agro-food systems. Unfortunately, several socio-technical lock-in, including a serious lack of technical knowledge, are currently limiting their integration in French agriculture. We evaluated the utility of two operational tools developed by the French Club Gestion des Connaissances for the establishment of a diagnosis concerning the knowledge management strategy of agricultural communities. The results of the survey we conducted in seven major French lentil production areas show that those two tools are useful for analysing knowledge management practices and needs in an agricultural field.


knowledge management; agricultural community of practice; critical knowledge; lentils

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ISSN 1869-6945


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