Strategies of Diversification and Brand Extension in SME Food Companies: Which Factors Might Affect the Impact of Consumers’ Preferences

Chiara Riganelli, Andrea Marchini, Bianca Polenzani, Gaetano Martino


The purpose of the research is to evaluate the brand extension strategy of SMEs food companies, through the analysis of the consumers' response. The research analysed the case study of a food processing cooperative, “Gruppo Grifo Agroalimentare”, which diversified its production through the acquisition of new SMEs companies. Through an hypothetical brand extension of the products, the goal is to study which factors would affect the acceptance and the purchasing of the extension. The results drive allow the SMEs food companies to know the needs of new consumers and to be able to meet these needs, both in terms of distribution and in terms of offer.


brand extension; local food company; food group; consumer survey; logit model

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ISSN 1869-6945


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