Systematic Heterogeneity:How to Combine Smartphone Related Apps with FIspace

Harald Sundmaeker, Peter Einramhof


FIspace represents an Internet based B2B collaboration platform that can be used by actors along the supply chain, and specifically the agri-food chain, facilitating the design and usage of inter-organisational workflows. The FIspace platform was developed by using FIWARE, a European initiative to develop technologies for a Future Internet. At the same time, the requirements of actors from an agri-food related B2B environment were analysed. One of the key requirements was the demand for smartphone-based apps that can be easily used by any actor at any time in the scope of a B2B relationship of different organisations. However, realising inter-organisational workflows with a combination of smartphones and a platform for B2B collaboration raises business related requirements that are specifically in relation to interoperability and security. Therefore, the architectural principles of FIspace supported ecosystems are presented and the concept of developing FIspace software applications is detailed. The latter provides domain specific features and enables a systematic usage of heterogeneous components in business related ecosystems. Furthermore, different development strategies for smartphone apps are analysed to discuss the related implications with respect to effort, costs and interoperability when aiming at a combination with a FIspace supported ecosystem. This is compared with the general principles to develop features within a FIspace ecosystem to systematically identify the implications when integrating heterogeneous software and hardware solutions. The purpose of this paper is to present those design principles that shall help to systematically analyse end-user requirements, which need to be taken into account when developing or designing changes and extensions of a FIspace supported business ecosystem with the help of smartphone apps. Therefore, the paper addresses specifically software developers intending to use FIspace as well as business architects intending to change or design an ICT supported collaborative ecosystem.


Business Collaboration; Heterogeneity; Food Chain; AppDevelopment; FIWARE; Future Internet; FIspace; Fruits & Vegetables

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ISSN 1869-6945


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