Interaction with customers: The Application of Social Media within the Austrian Supply Chain for Food and Beverages

Oliver Meixner, Rainer Haas, Helmut Moosbrugger, Philipp Magdits


Social media marketing has become a powerful tool of interaction with stakeholders. An increasing number of companies are using social media platforms to initiate active interaction and communication with current and prospective customers. Within this study, certain content and contact features, as well as social media activities of companies of the Austrian food and beverage industry were evaluated. Empirical findings concerning the threats, risks, and opportunities connected with the application of social media are presented. The results imply that social media applications are innovative alternatives for customer relationship management. However, more knowledge on how to properly use social media marketing seems to be necessary.


Web 2.0; food industry; communication; social media

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ISSN 1869-6945


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