The Role of Network Administrative Organizations in the Development of Social Capital in Inter‐Organizational Food Networks

Virginie M. Lefebvre, Adrienn Molnár, Xavier Gellynck


This paper is concerned with the role of network administrative organizations (NAOs) in the development of social capital in inter‐organizational networks aiming at supporting their members to innovate in the food sector through interacting with one another. A multi‐case study approach is used whereby three Belgian inter‐organizational networks are investigated i.e. Wagralim, Réseau‐Club and Flanders Food. Our study shows that there are many options available to NAOs to build social capital within the networks they are responsible for; options which we propose to categorize in three main distinct groups: creation of boundary objects, careful selection of members and effective communication.


Inter‐organizational networks; social capital; network management; network administrative organization

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ISSN 1869-6945


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