Building Viable and Sustainable Regional Netchains: Case Studies of Regional Pork Netchains in Spain, Germany, and The Netherlands

Rannia Nijhoff‐Savvaki, Jacques Trienekens, Onno Omta


The present paper aims to give insight into critical issues contributing to the successful building of viable and sustainable regional netchains, focussing on chain governance mechanisms (coordination mechanisms, quality management systems, information systems) and social embedding. It uses three representative case studies from the regional pork sector in Spain, Germany, and The Netherlands, illustrating different trajectories to commercially viable and sustainable regional netchains. By analysing the cases on each critical aspect, the present paper describes important issues and proposes specific elements of further research, including on the roles for
(non)governmental organisations.


Netchain innovation; Region; Governance mechanisms; Social Embedding; Risk; Uncertainty

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ISSN 1869-6945


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