System Dynamics in Food Quality Certifications: Development of an Audit Integrity System

Friederike Albersmeier, Holger Schulze, Achim Spiller


Due to the complex structure of certification schemes the risk of flaws and scandals is generally high. It has further increased by several developments during the last years. With regard to their potential effects, it is questionable whether the certification approaches are actually able to detect deficiencies within the system and thus prevent crises which may lead to its breakdown. Hence, the ability of a standard to meet its objectives of food quality and safety needs to be enforced. In this contribution we launch the implementation of a controlling tool which automatically monitors audit quality based on information of the respective data bases. By analysing possible negative influences, oppor­tunistic behaviour can thus be detected.


certification; quality assurance systems; risk oriented auditing approach

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ISSN 1869-6945


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